About This Nation

One Line Bio

A public group to foster a sense of community on newsvine. Swing by to read slightly less formal (and hopefully painless, non-political, non-violent) writings by your favorite contributors, or just to kill some time when you're caught up on the day's news but don't get out of work for another hour. This is where you can post all your newsvine feature wishlists, complaints about staff/user bias, or insights about the way our community is working. Welcome!

About, Bylaws, Other Information

Newsvine Community is a nation reserved for articles (NO SEEDS) about the Newsvine community itself.

You are welcome to post:

1. Ideas for nurturing or improving the Newsvine community.
2. Articles detailing real-life get-togethers (VineMeets).
3. Articles detailing online-life get-togethers (NDC, "parties" held on one's column)
4. Announcements of contests or challenges (like Newsvine Photographer's monthly challenges) to be carried out by the members of the Newsvine community. The entries into these contests or challenges should NOT, however, be posted here.
5. Interviews with or articles about other Newsvine members (that comply with the Code of Honor).

Do not post:

1. Seeds (unless it is an article posted elsewhere that specifically discusses the Newsvine/ community of users)
2. Political articles.

Essentially, the Newsvine Community nation is a place to post articles that are about improving and nurturing the Newsvine community.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.